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Breast Lift

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Breast Lift

Breast Lift services offered in Stuart, FL

As you age, gravity naturally takes hold and causes your breasts to droop and sag. Experienced plastic surgeon Brian Blumenauer, MD, performs breast lift surgery at Oceana Aesthetics in Stuart, Florida, to lift and tighten sagging breast tissue for a rounder, more youthful appearance. Dr. Blumenauer uses a modern approach to ensure beautiful, natural-looking results for every patient. Call Oceana Aesthetics today or schedule an appointment online to find out if breast lift surgery is right for you.

What is a breast lift?

A breast lift is a surgical procedure to raise sagging or drooping breasts. Also known as mastopexy, the procedure involves removing excess skin and tightening existing tissue to restore the breasts’ youthful appearance. A breast lift can also reduce the size of areolas that have grown larger and wider over time.

With a modern approach to cosmetic surgery, Dr. Blumenauer collaborates with patients to ensure they’re satisfied with their results.

Are there different types of breast lift procedures?

Dr. Blumenauer performs multiple types of breast lifts, including:


The circumareolar technique involves creating a crescent or full incision around the areola to lift the breast tissue subtly.


For moderate elevation, Dr. Blumenauer may recommend the circumvertical technique, which involves creating a vertical incision towards the lower breast fold to shape and tighten the tissue.

Circumvertical with a horizontal extension

This technique provides elevation and support for individuals with excessive sagging. Along with a vertical incision, Dr. Blumenauer creates a horizontal extension to control the breast shape while lifting and tightening the underlying tissue.

After a comprehensive consultation, Dr. Blumenauer can recommend the appropriate technique for younger-looking breasts. 

Who is a candidate for a breast lift?

Dr. Blumenauer performs a complete medical history review and physical exam to determine whether you’re a candidate for a breast lift. He may recommend a breast lift if you:

  • Experience significant breast sagging
  • Have lost shape and volume 
  • Have nipples that point downward
  • Have enlarged areolas
  • Have flat or elongated breasts
  • Notice one breast is drooping more than the other
  • Are in good overall health
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Have realistic expectations about your results

Dr. Blumenauer commonly performs a breast lift in conjunction with a breast augmentation. This allows for a simultaneous enhancement of breast size and appearance.

What can I expect from a breast lift?

After the administration of anesthesia, Dr. Blumenauer creates an incision on your breasts to access and reshape the underlying tissue. He then removes excess skin and tissue to lift the breasts into a more youthful position.

Dr. Blumenauer also repositions the areolas and may remove the skin at the perimeter if they are enlarged. Finally, he sutures the underlying tissue and outer incision to support the lifted breasts.

Call Oceana Aesthetics today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about breast lift surgery.